A new cover yet again.

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Here it is. For the first time ever not by me! The art is from Steven Emil Steve Esteban Etienne y Stefan de la Cruz of The Sleepover at Invisible College (a non-man band) alias Amake alias The Artist Formerly known as Invisible Queen and it looks much better than my other two attempts, which were probably a cool idea (well, my idea) but poorly executed. Sadly the artist “disappeared” over night and could not be interviewed on subject of the deep layered symbolism that lies behind the seemingly random shapes, colors and shades. Will we ever know? The only way to find out is to stare at it all day.




I released new versions of 12 of my older songs from the first four albums (which you can get here)! It’s not an album. It’s just me being too lazy to write new songs while having too much creative energy to just sit there and do nothing. Not a good record for new listeners to get into my stuff, because It’s all old music remade to suck less. Or in some cases more or in a different flavor. For the most part I tried enhancing the feel of the original with a better production or change it completely by changing the instrumentation. Changes to the scores have been made, but they are mostly minor. Hit the jump for more info or start listening straight away at Bandcamp or SoundCloud Continue Reading »

Today I listened to Klangverschmutzung again. Yes, I listened to my own Album. Some call this artistic masturbation like it’s a bad thing, but I jack it all the time and never once felt bad about it so I don’t see how it’s a bad thing to go back once in a while to reflect on one’s past. Heck, now that I think of it, isn’t remembering something nice basically mental masturbation? Never occurred to me till now.

Anyway, now I feel like writing a little to kill some time. Back when I finally uploaded Cacophonous Event Horizon to Bandcamp I wrote a little bit about every song and the album as a whole. Guess what this is gonna be! Listen to the entire thing here or just use the players below. Or just don’t. Up to you. Continue Reading »

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After half an eternity of not making music I make this. I’m not sure how to feel about it yet.

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