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Last month I successfully ended my three years of  job training as an office drone. Applying for a new job wouldn’t have made any sense, since I still have to do my mandatory service, which I chose to be community service instead of joining the kill squad for six months. That’s right just six months. Six months are bullshit. Hopefully it wont be long until my glorious country abandons the idea of forcing its citizens to give up a good bit of their life they could use to educate themselves further, which is what I at least would rather do. (more…)

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New Song: Ad Hominem(Download)

iTunes eats poopy diapers, and I hate it.

Every time you use iTunes god kills a kitten. Why are there so many kittens in this world? I like kittens. But if god kills one everytime someone uses iTunes, why are there still so many? They should be extinct by now. That of course would be a shame. So the only logical conclusion is: There is no god. To me that doesn’t matter, because I’m an atheist anyway. But if you believe in god you better not use iTunes, because it will shatter your faith. Use Foobar instead! (more…)

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